My name is Emily Ferjencik and I am a pediatric speech therapist and owner of Treehouse Speech Therapy.

speech therapy Westerville, OH

I am licensed in the state of Ohio and earned my Master of Science degree from Miami University.  I have worked in families’ homes in both Massachusetts and Ohio through Early Intervention programs.  I have also provided individual and group therapy services in clinic-based settings.  While I see the benefits of both settings, working in families’ homes is where I feel the youngest of children make the most meaningful progress and where parents feel the most included in their child’s communication goals.

In addition, I also offer baby and toddler play and language learning classes called “Babbles & Bubbles” at the Westerville Community Center.  These classes are for children (with or without a diagnosed communication delay) under two years of age with their caregivers.  My blog, Let’s Play the speech and language way, focuses on helping little ones learn to communicate at home through PLAY!

I am a mother of two and fully appreciate the challenges of teaching children new skills while there may be other distractions or interests in the environment.  I do not see learning to communicate as an activity that happens in a bubble or only during a certain time period with specific toys.  Communication happens all day, every day.  That’s why I am passionate about helping families and children learn to communicate in those natural moments when the impact is much greater.

This website is always under construction.  Stay tuned for updates!

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