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Speech therapy Westerville Ohio
Speech therapy in your home – serving Westerville and New Albany. OH areas

Treehouse Speech Therapy allows for flexibility and simplicity by providing services in your own home without extensive paperwork, meetings, or insurance requirements.  I offer one-time consultations and screenings as well as ongoing therapy services.  While I highly encourage parents and caregivers to be active participants in the sessions, you may also choose for me to work directly with your child.  We can decide, together, what works best for your child and your family.

NEW March 2020:  Now offering TELETHERAPY consultations and therapy services!  If you live anywhere in the state of Ohio, contact me for interactive and productive therapy sessions using your home computer, laptop, or tablet!

Who may benefit from Treehouse Speech Therapy services?

  1. Your child is already receiving Early Intervention services through Delaware or Franklin County and you would like to supplement those services.
  2. You are wondering if your toddler is communicating as he should for his age.
  3. You are wondering if your preschooler may need some help with specific sounds in order to be better understood by others.
  4. Your child already attends speech therapy at a clinic or at school but you would like support with helping to carryover his goals at home.
  5. Your child did not qualify for Early Intervention or school-based services but you feel he or she may still benefit from speech therapy services.
  6. You are paying out of pocket for speech therapy at a clinic and would prefer in-home services less frequently (every other week or monthly) to reduce costs.





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