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Let’s Play: the speech and language way

I started a blog before I started a private practice.  The purpose was to share ideas for play at home that would also address speech and language learning.  It started as a few specific toy ideas ( flash cardsbookscarspuzzles, stacking cups, bubbles, etc.).  That led me to start a baby and toddler play class “Let’s Play” so that I could demonstrate some of these play ideas in a group setting and so that I could be available for questions.  Then I started writing blog posts about more specific speech and language learning tips for home practice (Where are the words?, Magical Moments, Two Little Words).  Then I started offering parent/caregiver workshops “Sounds to Sentences” so that I could explain and demonstrate these strategies more effectively.

Then Treehouse Speech Therapy was born.

I love to write but I don’t love technology so I apologize that my blog site isn’t easy to navigate, could probably use some fancy video, and the photography is amateur.  Ha!  I would love to tell you that it will improve, but let’s be honest, it won’t.  I’d prefer to spend my time helping people.

I’m still active with my blog (when I have the time) so if you’re looking for toy ideas, play ideas, tips for practice at home… check it out at:

Let’s Play the speech and language way

Thank you for reading and sharing!


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